5 Tips for First-Time Volunteers

Volunteering for the first time might be nerve-wracking for some, as it takes significant courage to step out of one’s comfort zone. Some volunteer for a purpose, some for a cause, some for a passion. Here are some tips that the Skills For Good team has for you to prepare for a great volunteering journey ahead!

  1. Understanding your volunteering purpose

Firstly, it is important to know your volunteering purpose. Simply put, ask yourself why you want to volunteer. Are you looking to make a social impact on an organisation by helping a specific target of beneficiaries? Or are you making use of an existing set of skills to source for relevant volunteering opportunities? Either way, remember that everyone’s volunteering purpose is different.

2. Knowing yourself

Everyone is unique and has different strengths. Some write better than others, some have a sharper eye for details, and some communicate better. The list goes on. Take time to explore your personal strengths as it will be beneficial in helping you align and source for relevant volunteering opportunities. You could also list some values and goals that you personally hold on to. With this on hand, you can narrow down searches on organisations whose values align with yours, increasing your volunteering impact and being closer to your volunteering goal.

3. Sourcing for relevant volunteering fields

Who do you want to leave an impact on? While it is more common to volunteer in beneficiaries that target various communities in society, there are others whose passion lies in helping animals or even the environment. Setting a volunteering goal and knowing what you want to volunteer for is crucial. With a clearer goal in mind, you would be able to narrow down the search for various organisations and opportunities in the relevant volunteering fields.

4. Exploring the relevant organisations

Once you have narrowed down the volunteering field you are interested in, you can start scoping out organisations that suit you. Every organisation holds different missions, values, and goals. It is crucial for you to find out more about the organisations that you are interested in applying for. One question you could ask yourself is: “Does this organisation’s values and goals align with your personal values and goals?” It also doesn’t hurt to reach out to the organisation directly to clarify any doubts!

5. Sourcing for volunteering opportunities

The world is your oyster. There are, in fact, many platforms out there to source for volunteering opportunities. Such platforms could include LinkedIn, organisations’ websites, and also through the power of social media. If you are looking to explore various skills-based volunteering projects, Skills For Good is a great platform to kickstart your volunteering journey!

With these tips, you would be better prepared for the start of your volunteering journey. Take a step at a time and you will soon be embarking on an exciting adventure ahead!

About Skills for Good

Skills for Good, a local volunteer-matching organisation, with a base of eclectic volunteers with skills ranging from marketing and communications to information technology to fundraising. We seek to empower volunteers through convenient and meaningful skills-based volunteering opportunities that help social organisations to achieve their mission.​ Volunteer with us today and wake up tomorrow with the warm and fuzzy sensation of ‘volunesia’.

Lead Author: Kok Nee Tsu

Co-Author: Nur Laili

We are the Social Good Advisor team at Skills for Good, helping social organisations across the globe to deliver impact