Volunteer Diaries — Julian

The best part about volunteering is “seeing the smiles on [the beneficiaries’] faces, the sense of making a difference, knowing that someone else’s life is better because of what we have done.

When we think of connections made while volunteering, we often think of the connections between a volunteer and the people they work with. In fact, these were the kinds of connections that motivated Julian to continue volunteering.

Julian Choo, 25, started volunteering in 2014 while performing his National Service. For him, the daily routine of “eat, sleep and work” was “too comfortable” and he wanted to do “something meaningful” instead. After trying different kinds of volunteering, Julian discovered elderly befriending and the impact of what he did convinced him to commit to it. Over time, before he knew it, the elderly opened up to him and he learnt a lot from them, such as a deeper understanding of local issues like the ageing population. For Julian, the connections forged while volunteering proved to be long-lasting and valuable.

Beyond the connections made with the beneficiaries, Julian also had the chance to build rapport with his friends. He got them involved by setting up a volunteer training project together called VMax. Based on his experiences in VMax, he was better able to support Lakeside Family Services when they required online child interaction training materials for their volunteers. Through volunteering, he killed two birds with one stone, strengthening the connections amongst his friends and also establishing connections with new beneficiaries.

In fact, it is these connections that Julian appreciates the most from Skills For Good. “Skills For Good is a good platform that connects me to non-profits which I otherwise wouldn’t have come across.” Julian believes that Skills For Good helped in facilitating the connection, communication, planning, execution and impact measurement of VMax’s project with Lakeside Family Services. To him, he believes the platforms such as this become more beneficial through greater connections — when more users are onboard, the more value and impact it can create.

Julian, who is now working in the Business and Partnership department of Zeles Network Ltd, leaves anyone looking to start volunteering with this: “Try out different kinds of volunteering! There’s something for everyone based on skills, interest, interests, resources, and commitment level.” He also teasingly adds how the Zeles VMS app is “a good starting point for finding different volunteering opportunities”.

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